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Harbor Fish and Aquatic Habitat Restoration

NR Innovations assisted the Harbor District Inc.  by designing, permitting, and installing over sixty Aqua Shrubs (TM) habitat structures on 165 feet of shoreline.   These innovative structures converted barren steel retaining wall shorelines into vibrant habitat for fish and other aquatic life.  Northern pike, black crappie, bluegill and several other species have been documented utilizing these habitats within 48 hours of installation. 

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Inland Lake Fish and Aquatic Habitat Restoration

NR Innovations, working with US Forest Service and Superior Watershed Partnership staff, restored aquatic habitat in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.   This work was part of a demonstration project designed to engage private riparian landowners in aquatic habitat restoration.  The project involved installing nine habitat structures, including tree drops, shallow water brush bundles, and deep water brush bundles along 1900 feet of developed shoreline. NR Innovations tasks included: project development, grant writing,  lake habitat assessment,  landowner engagement, regulatory liaison, permitting, bidding, construction monitoring, and reporting.

Private Forest Management

NR Innovations  provided forest and wildlife management support to a Confidential Client owning 60 acres in southern Wisconsin.  NR Innovations was able to assist in timber management and harvesting which improved habitat for deer, turkey, and migratory birds.   Our Asset Management services helped reduce  annual ownership expenses and generate revenues. To date,  NR Innovations has secured over $83,000 of additional funding  for our Client to support management activities. 

National Forest Botanical Surveys

NR Innovations staff completed over 7000 acres of botanical surveys for rare and invasive plants in the Medford and Eagle River Districts of the Chequamegon - Nicolet National Forest.  Tasks included field surveys, comprehensive vegetative documentation, GIS mapping, and reporting.

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