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Natural Resource Innovations

Private Land and Wildlife Habitat Consulting

 Naturally Better Ideas, Superior Results.



Our experts help clients achieve their resource management goals at  local and landscape scales for:

  • Wildlife Habitat

  • Fish Habitat

  • Wetlands

  • Lakes or Streams

  • Forests and Timber

  • Prairies, or

  • Working Lands 


Environmental Compliance

 WIth over a thousand miles of transportation, natural gas, crude oil, electric transmission, and electric distribution system project experience, NR Innovations understands infrastructure and environmental regulation. We help clients:

  • Identify resources

  • Obtain regulatory approvals

  • Create access plans

  • Train staff, &

  • Monitor  compliance

We are ready to help ​build your next project.


Land Management

 You want the best for your land for today and tomorrow.  Successful land stewardship requires a focus on both resources and economics. We  create  innovative strategies to help you:

  • Acquire the best lands

  • Manage  natural resources

  • Enhance recreation values

  • Increase revenue

  • Grow asset values

 Let us help you build and sustain your land legacy.

Naturally Better Ideas

NR Innovations delivers superior results through creative ideas, informed by experience. Our record of success includes hundreds of projects which engage stakeholders; identify, enhance, and manage resources; and maintain regulatory compliance. Our resource management experience includes:

  • 85,000+ Acres Land Management

  • 60,000+ Acres Aquatic Habitat Assessment

  • 30,000+ Acres Wetland Management

  • 13,000+ Acres Rare and Invasive Plant Surveys

  • 1000+ Miles Corridor Projects

  • 700+ Acres Wetland Mitigation

  • Wetland, Forest, Prairie Restoration and Management

  • Wildlife Habitat Management

  • Avian, Mammal, Herp Surveys

Superior results require a different approach.  It's in our nature to see things differently. This vision enables us to see opportunities, anticipate challenges, create alternatives, and achieve what others can't imagine.  That's what makes us... naturally better.



Natural Resource Innovations

Andy Nelson, President


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